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Fancy Lettuce Mix

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"The salad you've been waiting for. This gorgeous mix of lettuce, greens, microgreens, and even edible flowers (in season) is loved by customers! The lettuce gives it a bit of crunch, the microgreens pack in the nutrients, and the flowers add that bit of festivity to make very salad you make an experience! We have 2 sizes, our 4 oz which is enough for a salad or two, or our BFB, the 16 oz size. This is known as the Big Freaking Bag of salad... Or the Mother of all Salads... the baby bag (because it's the size of a newborn baby) or I just went on a salad diet and need a butt load of lettuce or the Party bag... Whatever you call it, it's organically grown and packaged by our awesome team with love!"