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Lavender Plugs


These are Sensational and Phenomenal varieties sourced from Peace Tree Farm (also photo credit to them)


"Most commonly popular for its silvery foliage and consistent growth with uniform, mounding habit, Phenomenal has an elegant flower presentation and fragrance, perfect for fresh and dried arrangements and oil uses.

Both ornamental and edible, Lavender Phenomenal is a deer-proof variety that can be enjoyed in the garden and in the home year-round."


Lavender Sensational! is the next generation of Lavender Phenomenal with incredibly large and thick flowers and sturdy stems It has Broad SILVER foliage is thick, tough, and cupped.
>Dense habit with incredible branching stems
>Extremely good heat and humidity tolerance along with cold tolerance
>Sweet lavender floral aroma with low camphor


Plant 36" apart on a berm or mound- Lavender doesn't like wet feet. Mulch around it with river rock or small gravel.